Temple for groups

 temple for groups

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Enlighten your sexuality along with anything else and use it in your daily life as a true radiance!
Welcome in Magdalena’s temple, sacred sexuality and divinely human relationships.
World is missing us, my sensual partners in crime, this planet is thirsty of love .
There is so much to discover together..

Temple offer splits to Woman Only, For All and somewhere in the future Man Only.
We have 3 grades of intensity and intimacy to avoid clashes, tension and disappointments on both sides.

pepper 1Soft & Sweet for beginners in tantra, touch exchange, sharing intimacy and love.
Unlocking the body and the head control through variety of exercises .
Playful exchange. No nudity on this level unless all participants will ask for it.

pepper 2Fire & Water more intense approach to emotional expression, flirt, body movement ,
orgasmic energy, exchange with others, self-pleasure. Partial or full nudity on full consent of the group.
Tantra massage. Rituals and initiations. Performances. Elements of shamanism.

pepper 3Red & Wild for adventurous souls ready to get naked on many levels. Full exploration of tantric shamanic massage.
Tuning to the subtle energy’ s and playing along. Breaking through the personal and social taboo’ s.
Letting go shame and blame by exposing yourself sexually and emotionally.
Full playful nakedness also in a ritual space. Initiations.
Wild emotional catharsis andfull on dancing. Being sexy and expressing it.