Ecstatic Belly Dance

Woman only 

mgdalena belly dance blue flowersIt’s all about emerging more of the Woman that you are and you didn’t meet yet. She is hiding deep inside. She loves to be a sensual enchantress swaying her hips joyfully from pleasure. Arms raised to the sky opening to move and awake.

No surprise it is the ancient temple dance of the priestesses in Egypt & India called the Cobra Dance.No surprise the Belly Dance carry’s deep spiritual roots by opening the chakras and the flow of energy in the most feminine way. That's our way of meditating. Full embodiment in ecstasy.

A lot of women in western countries have lost for a great deal contact with the body and sexuality. Occupied with the carrier – the masculine way, in combination of the household and the children keep them stuck in their heads, the male domain. I invite you to meet yourself in your real beauty: sensual, graceful, earthy, scared to feel, fiery and mysteries. Our deep belly and the womb remembers good times. First of all we have to feel comfortable in our own bodies to be able to express the spirit fully in a grounded and confident way. You will learn the basics of this beautiful dance (hip drops and kicks, eights, shimmies, snaky movements and more) to express it freely in your unique way.The key of this experience is falling in love with yourself through the dance, empowerment of the sisterhood and a hint of tantra.



belly dance group

Women who celebrate this art regularly, develop self-assurance, break stereotypes and boost their confidence.
And above all heal their feminine core and a body image. Despite the name Belly Dance engages the whole body.
It positively affects the internal organs, particularly intestines and female organs. It supports the spine,
pelvis and stomach muscles. It visibly shapes the waist, adds elegance and flexibility to our movements.
It also releases a lot of little happy endorphins that we crave so much.
Our group suits women of all ages and kinds. No previous dancing experience is necessary.
The group can be very diverse.