Free healing from the Earth during challenging times

Everything around us is set on fire change. Old world and system we are running in like rabbits gets NO MORE ! red light button. Mother Earth has enough, we have enough, animals and plants have enough of destraction. We are forced to face our life's and clean up along with a power of the spring and the virus our stinky old energy. Fear based survival mode gets a real check up. Who is in fear will get more punches. Life is yours more then ever. I love you, lets create new start together.


Animal power


Orgasmic yoga


Ancestral journey into the Golden Age / part 1 - YouTube

I found the corona time a perfect moment to share with you my inner journey with the ancestors

into the Golden Era and the transformation that we have to face and do to create our new dream on Earth, new empowered and loving humanity.


Let's be real - YouTube

Our lifes are interwined and our personal responsibility to each other is to share the true story to the outside world. By posting sweet, polished lies we keep rolling American style that discourage others to feel and live their truth from the heart. That is sad,old pattern that needs to be seen and dissolved by open sharing of how we really are feeling through life changes.


What matters

What matters to me is your presence dear Human, your smell, no perfume. Your look into depth of my eye or just short curious glimpse. Heavy laugh from our belly's...because of shitless nothing. I love to see how we repeat each others little behaviors, so very disconnected, craving for oneness underneath the tears. We are here to be you and me. Not a doctor, advocat, professor or spiritual master of disaster. Im here for you - feel life and play it with your best self. Make the drama, comedy,romance,SF but yours,only yours. Beauty of Human Hero, don't hide behing the cold mask of lost in the crowd dust.

Mr Nobody, the advocat, doctor, master of disaster. You are unique, I crave to meet your meat, flesh and hot rivers of blood running wildly....I crave to discover your skin and dance of your bones while we cook the georgeous meal and we share it on the altar of taste and pleasure, so we know we are humans.

I love to see your tears and taste this salty ocean and get you through the waves of sorrow as there is no escape from being a human. Please feel. Please let go your masks if not Ill show you the mirror, my face.

You hate me, you are disgusted, I hold mirror, no mask. I am real human,don't fuck with me, make Love with me.

That's what matters.