My performances are recommended for a diversity of festivals & celebrations like the company's banquettes, birthdays, weddings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions or merchandising a product. It is also great fun for hen nights.
Spiritual background or not I love to share my joy, beauty, and fire in diverse places & spaces.


General requirements

Depending on the purpose and a scale of the event I'm usually asking a room with a mirror where I can store my equipment and prepare. Good quality sound system and lighting of the venue is very important. I suggest dimmed light with one strong beam at the center of the stage and candle lights if possible (for ex.: on the tables) or different effects colorful lightning.

Pricing and reservations

The price is depending on the place of the venue, the distance from my place, number of guests, the nature and length of the show. Reservations are required a minimum of 2 weeks ahead.