Yeah Baby, darkness!

We all know the endless fight in every fantasy movie darkness against light...monsters, aliens, nightmares,beasts, bad guys, bad witches,unpredictable weirdos and bloody kings. Yeah in fact Darkness is a place of birth and death, womb, beginning and the end. Hey, we don't want to remember where we come from and where we are heading, our sexuality and death are both of a toboo and deeply interwined in the root of all that is. But it's waiting longer it waits the stronger it becomes, deep down there in our subsconsciuos and sexuality, scary,scary shit!

We all want more of the Light. Light and light everywhere shining non stop,good, loving white luminous power, prayed for and worth to fight to the last breath.In spiritual meaning, tantra , tao, shamanism woman stands for the darkness, earth, death and rebirth, cycle of life. She is the carrier of the moon points connected to her hormonal system. It’s like the moon basically lives in a woman . It’s a very old knowledge and we have forgotten what darkness really means.

Is that what we fear? Is this the horror and thrill that feminine principle makes within our psyche?  Absoloutely yes ! Partiarchal suppresion did its work very well. Collectively diminished feminine power in women and men weakened us so much that we don't even dare to glimpse into the darkness through our whole life, not understanding it’s treasure.Oh poor life how boring and flat you become.

yin yang



If there is a sun there must be a black whole around. Behind the tears of sadness laugther and clarity is already approaching. Day is ending and velvet beauty of a night gives us rest . Rest to our consciousness to enter the depths and clean the daily stuff through the dreams. If we would not need them both, we would all live in monastery’s separated, eating grapes and drinking wine all day long. But being together brings all we dream for and all we avoid to the surface  and we are forced to dance the darkness and light, light and the darkness as a living couple.

black under the moon



Darkness feeds us, it's loving dark feminine mysterie and beauty,dreams, expantion beyond limitations, inner journey,subconscious, depth, slowing down, silence, surrender, softness,acceptance, speachless recognition,invisible, magic, caves, magical forests, intuitve aha moments, signs beyond logic, beyond words, just knowing from the inside, trusting yourself, cyclic nature, and all that is unknown, jump into the void, constant changes we fear so much.

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Dying Dutch Tantra

Storms and rains upon us all. Looks like tantra in Holland is a sinking down Titanic right now. Some people deserting into the fear and looking for official solutions, some like me just keep going like nothing has happened  some moving underground changing names and titles of their professions, ending practices. People get a little bit cuckoo all over this country. And Im watching, listening, smelling tuning into the deepths of the whole story. And yes, I was angry too, angry towards the main mess creators, knowing them personally and watching that whole theater in media supporting the ego trip of the famous ladies stirring it all up in the name of abused woman. I see very bad outcome touching all tantric field, real tantra and fake one, good and bad. Courses are being switched off, single practices stopped, the eye of mordor has turned upon us and its the time of the bitter truth.

What is that truth?

Under the web of personal story's, victimised women and tantric male predators I see a field of weak divided people,big and small temples, company's, small fish and big sharks hating each other and wishing everybody of tantric folks go to hell. There is a deep black whole between us all, nothing but loneliness showing off its nasty hungry head. Competitive and jealous people, gossping on each other... apparently growing into the englightenment etc.

I see a pile of shit and it stincks like shit. Im not saying I'm holy...not at all. I also have my good and black sheep in a personal tantric dictionary, judgements and bleh feelings. I've the "idea" about some of you, real experience with some and just intuitive recognition with another. But the general view on us is as I clearly see S E P A R A T I O N. Nobody wins and we all loose. Both sides and all of the 50 shades of grey in between. Well... knowing the Yoniversal wisdom, we go through a necessary updates , purifications and karma teaching in order to release old material. Kali Ma in action cutting the necessary heads, Big Bang!

It is sad and a pity as we are at least I hope so, awakening on this Planet Netherlands towards love, freedom and oneness, and we as sexuality-love healers are holding the most powerful key to freedom. Were are the ones...

I see also fresh new sprouts of tantra growing apart of all that collapsing tower that feels so close to my experience, so close to my tribe understanding. And it makes me trusting we are heading well, towards real connections and real unfolding. But now is now and the old must die, the tower of ego tantra has to fall and than we will see new joyful, connected field...I wish, I dream, Im a fuckin big dreamer. One Tantra friends walking the diversity together. Strong powerful sisters and brothers, supporting each other, creating together, playing a big role on the planet and taking care of those of us that loose their path and control over their inner dramas and desires. One path for all, all for one.

29.09.2018 Red Dakini Foxy

Wild Nymph

Nymphs are female spirits; beautiful and eternally youthful celestial maidens who inhabited the mountains,lakes, oceans and forests. Like the gods, nymphs are one with the elements of nature's endless beauty, and dwell in the places of this world that mankind has not yet tainted and destroyed with his poisoning touch. They are the children of the Gods and Mother Nature, and as such, they have the ability to transform between their female forms and bodies of nature, such as flowers, trees, streams, and animals. Mother Nature gave them this power, knowing that if ever seen by men, their immense beauty would cause these mortals to lust after them in fits of mindless rage. For those who have had the fortune of seeing or approaching one, their beauty is described as absolutely boundless, their innocence immeasurable. It is said that they are so pure in mind and spirit, that once they are tainted by the touch of a mortal, they become afflicted with the curse of age and mortality, and can never change back into their natural forms again.

Yang nubile maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Greek polis. They are beloved by many and dwell in mountainous regions and forests by lakes and streams...Nymphs tended to frequent areas distant from humans but could be encountered by lone travelers outside the village, where their music might be heard, and the traveler could spy on their dancing or bathing in a stream or pool, either during the noon heat or in the middle of the night. They say that if you find yourself deep in the lush forest surrounded by flowers and trees, and you feel the warm smile of the sun on your soul, the nymphs are in your presence. They no longer openly take their female shapes, because of the lessons they have been taught. Look around you, and cherish the beautiful trees, the ancient rocks, and the delicate flowers. Your radiance of the goodness in your heart might attract one to take her human shape and search for you one day...

She as an archetype came to me a while ago during Ayahuasca ceremony. Yang teenage girl, dancing on the fields with other girls. I was easy and free, sensual in a light way, innocent and playfull. This nymph, polish Rusalka brings me back to my slavic roots and my polish sisters, so needed to be fully happy me. I was opening to her through a year connecting and creating paganic events, exploring the rituals, texts, making my first flower wreath. And only this summer she was ready to blossom and dance out her graceful,wild dance through my body. In duo act with Anna Faber to her terrific Blue Harph took my feet over the ground to the realm of the Nymph.

She is my balance to the fiery Dakini energy...soofing intensity and cooling it down. She is playfully sensual just discovering her feminine pleasure,nothing serious about it. She gives me strong inspiration in a subtle way...isn't it amazing! Exploring you dear Nymph, my inner teenage girl, free from any resrictions makes me so light!

She looks at me, her hair she brushes,
Blows airy kisses, gestures wild,
Plays with the waves - caresses, splashes -
Now laughs, now whimpers like a child,
Moans tenderly, calls louder, louder...
'Come, come! To me, to me!..'
Then - disappears in limpid water,
And all is silent instantly...




Look and feel erotic purity as it is our Birth right.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through years of inner growth to my feminine power and recent years of being shamless and very visible online, it’s that I will never please everybody. Not only it is not possible, it’s not my job. No matter what my body looks like, no matter what I’m wearing, no matter what I say, somebody wants to bring the shame or anger on me. At this point I know it has to do with them and not me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t experience the outcome of ingrained thought patterns that cause society to dehumanize and control women. Fact: women’s bodies are abused beyond the space. It’s been my experience that being very alive,happy of yourself and confident woman gets you on a guilt trip by many...woman and man. Man are sexualizing my body automatically ,yeah.. the easiest way to screw the free goddess energy. Photo Sessions, belly dance and erotic dance are the easiest way to rebuilt your own self confidance and love your body fully on as woman.
That's why Im posting this few photos made in a pure nature, pure warm day with my pure innocent, powerful and loving goddess body. Im am her and she is me. I reject the notion that women aren’t allowed to feel sexy, beautiful, confident, powerful, soft and whatever we damn well please.

Look and feel erotic purity as it is our Birth right.

What matters

What matters to me is your presence dear Human, your smell, no perfume. Your look into depth of my eye or just short curious glimpse. Heavy laugh from our belly's...because of shitless nothing. I love to see how we repeat each others little behaviors, so very disconnected, craving for oneness underneath the tears. We are here to be you and me. Not a doctor, advocat, professor or spiritual master of disaster. Im here for you - feel life and play it with your best self. Make the drama, comedy,romance,SF but yours,only yours. Beauty of Human Hero, don't hide behing the cold mask of lost in the crowd dust.

Mr Nobody, the advocat, doctor, master of disaster. You are unique, I crave to meet your meat, flesh and hot rivers of blood running wildly....I crave to discover your skin and dance of your bones while we cook the georgeous meal and we share it on the altar of taste and pleasure, so we know we are humans.

I love to see your tears and taste this salty ocean and get you through the waves of sorrow as there is no escape from being a human. Please feel. Please let go your masks if not Ill show you the mirror, my face.

You hate me, you are disgusted, I hold mirror, no mask. I am real human,don't fuck with me, make Love with me.

That's what matters.

Red Dakini mantra

Yammie yammie juicy pussy
Shiva Shakti Yab-yum bum bum
Hare hare rama Mama

Lingam diva dancing Shiva
Abracadabra karma macabra
shifting uplifting
Om Om Om

Aloha aloha Aho Ahi Oha
Dakini divini Super Tantra Aya mantra
Twin flame connection
Love resurrection

Om Welcome Home

Rode Dakini Mantra: Yammie yammie sappige kut Shiva-Shakti Yab yum bum bum Hare rama Haas Mama Lingam diva dansen Shiva Abracadabra karma macabere verschuiving verheffende Als als als Aloha aloha Aho Ahi Oha Dakini duik Super Tantra Aya mantra Tweeling vlam verbinding Liefde opstanding Om Welcome Home

Let's be real

Animal Power

Moc Zwierzecia

My passion is my fasion

Dakini Power

Red Dakini "Reality" Show

Orgasmic Yoga