Dying Dutch Tantra

Storms and rains upon us all. Looks like tantra in Holland is a sinking down Titanic right now. Some people deserting into the fear and looking for official solutions, some like me just keep going like nothing has happened  some moving underground changing names and titles of their professions, ending practices. People get a little bit cuckoo all over this country. And Im watching, listening, smelling tuning into the deepths of the whole story. And yes, I was angry too, angry towards the main mess creators, knowing them personally and watching that whole theater in media supporting the ego trip of the famous ladies stirring it all up in the name of abused woman. I see very bad outcome touching all tantric field, real tantra and fake one, good and bad. Courses are being switched off, single practices stopped, the eye of mordor has turned upon us and its the time of the bitter truth.

What is that truth?

Under the web of personal story's, victimised women and tantric male predators I see a field of weak divided people,big and small temples, company's, small fish and big sharks hating each other and wishing everybody of tantric folks go to hell. There is a deep black whole between us all, nothing but loneliness showing off its nasty hungry head. Competitive and jealous people, gossping on each other... apparently growing into the englightenment etc.

I see a pile of shit and it stincks like shit. Im not saying I'm holy...not at all. I also have my good and black sheep in a personal tantric dictionary, judgements and bleh feelings. I've the "idea" about some of you, real experience with some and just intuitive recognition with another. But the general view on us is as I clearly see S E P A R A T I O N. Nobody wins and we all loose. Both sides and all of the 50 shades of grey in between. Well... knowing the Yoniversal wisdom, we go through a necessary updates , purifications and karma teaching in order to release old material. Kali Ma in action cutting the necessary heads, Big Bang!

It is sad and a pity as we are at least I hope so, awakening on this Planet Netherlands towards love, freedom and oneness, and we as sexuality-love healers are holding the most powerful key to freedom. Were are the ones...

I see also fresh new sprouts of tantra growing apart of all that collapsing tower that feels so close to my experience, so close to my tribe understanding. And it makes me trusting we are heading well, towards real connections and real unfolding. But now is now and the old must die, the tower of ego tantra has to fall and than we will see new joyful, connected field...I wish, I dream, Im a fuckin big dreamer. One Tantra friends walking the diversity together. Strong powerful sisters and brothers, supporting each other, creating together, playing a big role on the planet and taking care of those of us that loose their path and control over their inner dramas and desires. One path for all, all for one.

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