"I'v got it! It was amazing, Thank You. Sooo relaxing... I was speechless after... Pure magic :)" - Leszek Nidzgorski

"Your massages are wonderful not only because of your excellent technique but because of your healing and sensual powers!" - Tara Long

"Amazing,wanderful,warm,love caring,sensual,tender,heavenly... Thanks" - Rick

"How difficult to find the words to describe the indescribable
You are an eagle and the air in which it floats
You are a flower and its scent
You are the color and the sound
You feel with the hands that caress you
You see through the eyes that look at you
You breath through the mouth that whispers to you
Your body evaporates and you become her soul
and for a while you are the Goddess who takes you to heaven" - G.

"I am not someone who normally writes reviews about jobs or products but after the extraordinary session I had with Magdalena I feel privileged to do so. I have had massages before. Some good, some really bad but the refinement, techniques and gentleness i experienced today was something special and very hard to explain. All I can say is: Magdalena makes you feel welcome and at ease and once you truly open up to her gift she will take you on a flight of incredible bliss you feel like reborn afterwards. Extremely highly recommended. We will meet again" - Sander

"Dear Magdalena,
I just wanted to thank you once again for yesterday. It was very meaningful for me (even though I am not quite sure what exactly is the meaning). It opened something in me that I have not experienced in a very long time. I FEEL. It feels today as if all my senses started to work after they were shut down for a long time.
Thank you,

"I am home and I am not going to do anything tonight just relax and enjoy the feeling I have now. It was very special for me so I want to thank you again.feeling love in myself is just so fine. I was surprised by your beauty and by your openness and by everything you gave.For me it was great to experience your wildness which made it easy for me to find it myself also. I will find the book and read it so we can talk about it next time.
Have a great weekend, big hug."

"Dearest Magdalena,
Thank you for the most beautiful, loving,intimate massage that I have ever had. When I left you I felt completely blissful and the memory of your touch will stay with me and remind me of who I am and that I can surrender myself to real love wherever I may find it.
Thank you,om mane padme hum
kisses & hugs" - David

"First visit tonight: embracing experience!
Magdalena is pure in energy, open in her way of work, intuitive in how to build up a session. Loved it! She takes the freedom to do other practices if she senses that's necessary and that felt really welcome.
A true recommendation if you wanna touch base with earth again through tension or stress in your system and if you wanna connect to your inner energy again to see and feel what really matters!

Magdalena, we'll meet again,
Eagle "

"Dear sister,
The exchange we've had this week from each other’s qualities was amazing.
Sweet goddess, what a dedication and love I have experienced from your wonderful qualities.
Warm, connected and aligned all the way in the beautiful meditations and massage session. I've also experienced sisterhood on a deep level. I felt powerful energy in every cell of my body. Releasing and transform the old pain still stored in my body armor (?) spots.
My inner strength feels nourished , I feel the softness more and more on the spots that were blocked in my hips.
I asked the universe to receive this energy,… I'm very happy they heard my wish:) . Thank you for being you Magda, sun kisses
Wendy ."


"Dear Magdalena,

Want to let you know that I love you compassionate and a sincere man.I enjoyed your massage and also laughed, I feel at ease with you and want to thank for that.Namaste Aad xx"


"Dear Magdalena,
Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderfull tantra session we had yesterday.
  It was really intense and sensual. YOU are intense and sensual. And made me feel at ease so I could relax and eventually 'go with the flow..Thanks for letting me experience passion.
  I'm sure we'll meet again.
  Big hug,Mirjam"



‘’Dear Magdalena,

 I want you to know that I am very grateful for the session of yesterday. You brought me into a state beyond sexuality, into universal love. You showed me your softness, you vulnerability, and your strength. You let me remember that I have vulnerabilityand strength too. And that there is no need to feel ashamed to show them. I only have to take care that they keep balanced.You told me that the next time we could do an exchange. But maybe there is no next time. I have had a burnout, and I’m almost recovered now. I feel that it is good to walk my own path, without the dependency of therapists.Thank you



"Mijn eerste keer met Magdalena geef ik een dikke 10.
Ik kwam zonder verwachtingen en werd verrast door het geneeskrachtige effect van deze behandeling, ongelofelijk!
Opwindend, sensueel, proffesioneel en geneeskrachtig.
Veel aandacht en het leek alsof de tijd niet bestond.
Dus: Extremely highly recommended
Heel erg bedankt dat jullie mij zoveel hebben gegeven, Niels